Southern Environmental Enforcement Network
Advanced Digital Evidence Training
November 5-9, 2012, Memphis, Tennessee

Adv Digital Evidence Roster Nov 2012.pdf 

Southern Environmental Enforcement Network
Spring 2012 Periodic Membership Training Conference
April 3-6, 2012, San Antonio, Texas

SEEN Spring 2012 Conference - Attendance Roster.pdf

Georgia vs. Richard Lee Harville
Theft of Services
Todd Binnion, Criminal Investigator, GA DNR
Theft of Services - Binnion.pdf

United States vs. J. Jeffrey Pruett
Continuous Non-Compliance
Maureen Kennedy, Special Agent, LA DEQ
Part 1 - Pruett Case.pdf
Part 2 - Pruett Case.pdf 
Part 3 - Pruett Case.pdf

United States vs. Freedman Farms
Clean Water Act Violations
Lisa Uhl, Special Agent, USEPA CID Region IV
Scott Faircloth, Special Agent, NC State Bureau of Investigation
Freedman Farms - Uhl Faircloth.pdf

The Internet as an Investigative Tool
RoseAnn Wishner, Western States Project (retired)
Internet as Investigative Tool - Wishner.pdf

Venicle Emissions Fraud Cases (North Carolina)
Patricia Nagro, Investigator, NC DMV
Kevin LaPoint, Special Agent, USEPA CID, Region IV
NC Emissions Fraud - Nagro LaPointe.pdf

Venicle Emissions Fraud Cases (Georgia)
Michael Derrick, Investigator, GA DNR
Emissions Fraud - Derrick.pdf 

Travis County District Attorney’s Environmental Protection Unit & Texas Environmental Enforcement Task Force
Patty Robertson, Assistant District Attorney, Travis County, TX
Travis County DA and TCEQ - Robertson.pdf

Tennessee vs. William Timothy Wilson
UST Program Documents Falsification
Troy McPeak, Assistant Attorney General, TN
Ronda Johnson, TN Dept of Environment & Conservation
Documents Falsification 1 - McPeak Johnson.pdf
Documents Falsification 2- Related Documents.pdf

Medical Drop Program
Ken Diehl, Pretreatment Enforcement Program
City of San Antonio, TX
MedDrop - Diehl.pdf