Hudson's Bay Company Fined $765,000 for Releasing PCBs in St. Lawrence River

Montreal QC (12/7/2016) - The Hudson's Bay company pleaded guilty to six offences each and were fined a total of $765,000 for failing to comply with the PCBs Regulations, thereby committing offences under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999. The illegally releasing of PCBs into the St. Lawrence River happened in May 2011, when electric transformers on the roof of the company's store in downtown Montreal broke and 146 kilograms of PCBs spilled out. The company was fined $600,000 for the illegally release, another $60,000 for waiting three-and-a-half days to inform the federal government, another $60,000 for not taking proper measures to prevent the incident, and three fines of $15,000 for failing to produce monthly reports. The Hudson Bay Company shall, in addition to the punishment of 765 000 dollars imposed, develop an Environmental Management System (EMS), to provide its officers in Canada with training on the criminal consequences of contraventions of laws relating to the protection of the environment and publish an article on the facts related to their offences.

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